Reach for the Clouds
Go BIG or Don’t go at All: Jim V Reaching for the Clouds Hiking Inca Trail


Jim Verdonik founder of Innovate Capital Law



Gateway Capital X was organized by Jim Verdonik and to help People who want to go BIG.

To do that we provide “X Multiplier” Strategies that blend traditional and new business practices with technology and legal changes to solve long-standing capital-raising problems by:

Creating Dynamic Capital-Raising Strategies: Integrating Crowdfunding and ICOs with traditional financing solutions to create dynamic capital raising strategies for growing businesses. 

Building Local Ecosystems: Facilitating  “system integration” economic development strategies to identifying and recruiting investor, consulting, networking and other resources for turnkey capital-raising solutions.

Promoting Capital Raising Diversity:  Helping underserved populations find their seats at the capital-raising table by taking advantage of the new opportunities technology and legal reforms provide.

Blending the For Profit and Non-Profit Worlds:  Helping non-profits leverage their resources by partnering with investors who want to to combine financial, social and artistic returns on their investments



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