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Capital Talks are  a series of conversations Jim Verdonik is having with interesting people about anything he wants to talk about.

In this session Jim Verdonik talks with Benji Jones about Crowdfunding and The Birds and the Bees.

JIM: Benji, what do you do when you aren’t advising people about raising capital?

BENJI: That’s all I do.  I’m very focused.

JIM: But surely, you have other interests – like family.

BENJI: Well, of course, but I find creative ways to combine work and family.

JIM: How do you combine family and raising capital?

BENJI: I’m advising my daughter about how to do a Crowdfunding campaign.

JIM: Is you daughter starting a business?

BENJI: Sort of.  Audrey wrote and is acting in a movie called “The Birds and the Bees.”  We’re raising money for the film through a Crowdfunding campaign.  Audrey has reached about two-thirds of her $6,000 goal.  Check out more about Audrey’s movie campaign at https://ifundwomen.com/projects/birdsnbees.

JIM: How old is Audrey?

Benji: 12 year old going on 21.  She’s planning on skipping her teen years.

JIM: Audrey sounds ambitious.

BENJI: Find out for yourself.  Here she is now.

JIM: How did you become an actress?

AUDREY: My Mom was an actress before she became the world’s best lawyer.  Guess I was born for the role.

JIM: Who’s a better actress? You?  Or your Mom?

AUDREY: Me.  I hope I never have to be a lawyer.

JIM: What’s your movie about?

AUDREY: Didn’t your parents ever tell you about the Birds and the Bees?

JIM: You really are a lot like your Mom.

JIM: Why did you write a movie?

AUDREY: I’d been working on a shorter piece with my drama coach, Estes Tarver.  He and my parents thought I could turn it into a funny short film.

JIM: So, did you get help writing the movie?

AUDREY:  Yep, Estes and I worked on it together.  What do you expect?  I’m only 12 you know.  Acting is a cutthroat business.  No one gets to the top without help and I’m going to be a star someday.

JIM: Well, how did you decide to raise money by Crowdfunding?

AUDREY: My Mom made me do it.  She is a Crowdfunding expert.  So, what choice did I have?

JIM: Do you have any tips for people who want to raise money by Crowdfunding?

AUDREY: Yes.  Ask my Mom to help you.

JIM: Sounds like you and your Mom do a lot together.

AUDREY: Yes, Mom is a lot of fun. Is it OK to say Mom is the best lawyer in the world again?  Mom pays me each time I say it.  In the movie industry that’s called product placement.

JIM: Why are you leaving now?

AUDREY: Mom wants me to start writing my Academy Awards acceptance speech.

JIM: Do you really think that’s necessary?

AUDREY and BENJI: Of course it is.  We never do anything that doesn’t deserve an award.

JIM: That says it all about my partner Benji Jones and her daughter Audrey.

JIM: Watch for Audrey in a theater near you.

BENJI:  In the meantime contact Jim or me about your capital raising needs.

This is Jim Verdonik signing off until our next Capital Talk.

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