A growing trend is that donors want to direct their money to projects that are self-sustain and that solve problems.

We help Non-Profits devise Crowdfunding strategies that leverage donations with investments.

Gateway Capital X is prepared for the challenges we face blending the for profit and non-profit worlds.

Many leaders have pointed the way .  Gateway Capital X intends to lend a hand in their efforts.

See below Jim Verdonik (a Gateway Capital X co-founder and former Peace Corps Volunteer) with Nobel Laureate professor and social entrepreneur Muhammad Yunus, who won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for his work in microloans.

Map Showing Elevation Change Each Day

Jim helped Dr. Yunus with a social entrepreneurship business plan competition.  Jim has also coordinated a worldwide business plan competition for high school students.

Crowdfunding provides a worldwide platform for people to connect and invest in one another.